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In November of 1970 (it’s november now too, spooky) a family of hikers stumbled across a mostly charred body of an unidentifiable naked woman hidden in Isdalen valley near Bergen, Norway, an area often appropriately termed as “Death Valley.” Known as the Isdal woman, the details surrounding her apparent murder are still unsolved to this day. 

Found near the body were sleeping pills and bottles of gas. The woman’s prints had been sanded away, and all the tags had been removed from the clothing she wore. She was eventually linked to some abandoned suitcases found at a train station in Bergen. In the suitcases, police found a prescription for lotion (details such as the doctor’s name and and date had been removed), 500 german marks, and a coded diary that was eventually deciphered. Police concluded the diary contained places the dead woman had previously visited. Her teeth revealed she had had dental work done in Latin America.

Some phantom drawings were done up of the mysterious woman and several witnesses came forth, including a young hiker that saw her five days before her body was discovered. He said that the woman came toward him with a look of fear on her face, but eventually passed without saying anything, appearing to be too afraid of two men in black coats that were following her at a distance.

Other witnesses reported that she often wore wigs, changed hotels frequently, and spoke multiple languages. Her case remained unsolved, though the general theory is that the woman was possibly a spy during the Cold War. Her case bears a striking resemblance to the Taman Shud murder, another unsolved mystery.

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