Unexplained Spoopies

In 2011, a team of treasure hunters were scouring the Baltic Sea for anything of value when their sonar equipment registered this odd circular object on the sea floor.

They were originally searching for shipwrecks that could yield potential treasure, anything they could sell for a huge profit. However, this object quickly stopped them in their tracks. The enormous object was perfectly circular, and a long sliding track was also examined, suggesting the object had slid for several hundred feet across the bed of the sea.

The initial conclusion was that this was substantial proof of alien life. It was surmised the craft plummeted from the sky at immense speeds and crashed into the ocean, where it finally came to a forceful stop on the sea bed. Of course, others thought it could be a German or Russian military cast-away, or a natural ground formation. Some also pointed out the resemblance of the object to the Millennium Falcon.

Finally, a team of divers set out to discover exactly what had been captured in sonar over a year ago, but their excursion only raised more questions. It was clearly rock, or geological material; however, where silt would normally be covering a natural rock formation at the bottom of the sea, there was none. There also appeared to be “construction lines and boxes” drawn upon the surface of the disc-shaped rock, cracks with strange black material in them, an egg-shaped opening at the top, and a pillar holding up the object. Volcanic activity was also non-existent in the Baltic Sea. So, who the hell knows?

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