Sexy Keepers of Death
My parents told me that when I was a baby they would hear a lady singing to me through the baby monitor.

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An Olive Python pulls a Wallaroo out of a canyon waterhole.

The photograph was taken in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

that’s a lot of snake >_>

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An Olive Python pulls a Wallaroo out of a canyon waterhole.

The photograph was taken in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

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Paintings by John Brosio

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The Bobbit Worm

Eunice aphroditois, dwells on the ocean floor where it buries its body waiting for its prey. They usually are around 3 feet in length, but some have been found to grow upto 4 feet long, like Barry. It uses one of its five antennae to sense prey and attack it. Sometimes it attacks so fast that it can slice its prey in half.

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So I like to read through horror/creepypasta blogs (specifically ones where people submit their own creepy experiences) and this one is my latest obsession. Most likely because I’ve also seen the “broken man” before. Well, not entirely seen him, but I saw his shadow. 

Ever since I was a little shit face I remember paranormal stuff always happening in my house for whatever reason (I never really focused myself on figuring them out mostly because experiences have died down, as in nothing big has happened this entire year). Stuff like when I was little my parents would have every single light in the house off, because for some fucking reason sleeping in the complete dark in a house previously owned by creepy old people is a smart thing to do, and i would have to leave my door open so my parents could check up on me without having to get up. If I looked into the dark hallway, I would see tiny figures with yellow eyes.

When I got older, as the stereotypical haunted house story goes, things got worse. I would hear voices and footsteps late at night which would freak the living (pun intended) shit out of me. I was home schooled from kindergarten through 8th grade (which was one of the many horrors of my life) and you figure I could wake up whenever the fuck I want right? Lies. My mom made me wake up at 8 in the morning. So one morning I didn’t feel like waking up so naturally I attempted to sleep in over the distant screams of my mother yelling at me to get out of bed or I’d be faced with the wooden spoon of tantalizing fear. 10 year old me had enough of this homeschooling bs so I decided to roll over and pretend I didn’t hear my mother.

Bad fucking decision because I turn over to face my room (I was previously facing the wall) and I see a hunched over shadow with claws run across my room and disappear into my closet. It had short (albeit not many) wiry hairs and looked very old and like many other people have described: broken. My door was closed, my shades were down, lights off, and no one else was in my room. Not only was this creepy as shit but it instantly reminded me of something that happened when I was younger. 

Similar setting: didn’t feel like waking up so I laid in bed like a dick butt. My parents and my brother were downstairs calling me down, no one else was on the second floor except for me. After awhile they gave up on attempting to wake my fat ass up and I felt content with my success until I heard a voice from my closet growl “Get up.” Obviously I hauled ass out of there.

I first thought it was my brother but he was downstairs and so were my parents and no one else lives with us. The one thing I’ve noticed is that big things only happen around the time that people I know die. Freaky coincidence? 

So years go by and I find your blog and I find the submissions about the creepy broken man and thought I’d share my experience! If anyone has any other stories or knows anything else about the creepy dude that seems to be haunting us let me know because I’d love to hear more peoples’ stories.

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During a field study in Macedonia last year scientist found this dead nose-horned viper (8 inches) had consumed this centipede (Scolopendra cingulate, 6 inches) but it greatly under-estimated its prey. Though it is not uncommon for snakes like this one to eat small mammals, lizards, birds and sometimes even centipedes; this centipede was a lot stronger. Scientist found that the snake was missing its visceral organs, which means the centipede destroyed them while trying to claw its way out. The entire volume of the snake’s body was occupied by the centipede.


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The Old Fisherman (1902)

The painting above by Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry has a pretty amazing secret to it which can be seen by using a mirror.

If you place the mirror exactly in the middle of the painting, on the left, you can see a man — wise-looking and sad — resting with his back to the serene mountains and the calm sea. He is God.

If you look to the right, you will see a man — evil-looking and menacing — with his back to the erupting volcano and the stormy sea. He is Devil

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Linda Vista Community Hospital

Now closed, this hospital acts as a location to film horror themed movies, T.V. shows and music videos. Movies and T.V shows like Buffy, Insidious 2, and Suicide Kings have been filmed here. It has also become the subject of several paranormal investigations.

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Laika (Barker)

Sent on the Sputnik 2, Laika was the first living creature to orbit the Earth. Since there was no technology to de-orbit, she died in space as intended. She died from overheating. Her reports weren’t made public until 2002 so up until then everyone was told that she was euthanised prior to oxygen depletion (the six day mark). Laika has been the topic of ethics and animal cruelty in science for many years. Laika paved the way for human space-flight.

and of course, there’s the comic that tore me to pieces when I had no idea that all of this was true:


The comic is just as heartbreaking. It’s an amazing read

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