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Fez & Hali want you to play. Don’t miss #OuijaMovie this Friday - get tickets now!

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Had no idea this was how whales slept

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Abandoned Cane Hill Asylum in London

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How come you never show your entire face?

*Batman voice* To protect the ones I love

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got a case of the mondays

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Bitterroot Footage

A roughly five-minute 8mm film with a constant, eerie background noise. According to the story, the film was found in a wooden box along with photos that had the word ‘bitterroot’ written on the back. The whole thing feels like viral marketing/promotional technique for some sort of project or film, or just a creepy story from someone with a lot of time on their hands. Either way, it’s very well done and I thought it deserved a place here.

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Evolution of Batman’s Logo

From 1940-2012, the Batman logo has been re-designed 30 times. 

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Meet Hercules the 900+ lb liger(hybrid offspring of a male lion and a tigress)! Hercules is  is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest living cat on Earth. Hercules was bred on accident and lives Myrtle Beach Safari wildlife preserve in South Carolina. He is 131 inches long, and measures 49 inches tall at the shoulder. I kind of want to ride it into battle.

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A compilation of all the horror filled movies, t.v shows & documentaries I could find. It includes some of my own masterposts and other people’s masterposts. 


A compilation of amazing people with a talent for art and expression. Some of these are gorey, so be cautious. 


What’s better than reading scary stories? Listening to them from people who have a voice that perfectly match the suspense needed for such stories.


Creepy compilations from around the web and from posts I’ve made before. 


The first couple are masterposts I’ve made, the rest are masterposts I’ve gathered from other blogs. 


Some creepy blogs to keep your dash scary 24/7. Thanks to everyone who contacted me for this. Sorry, if I’m forgetting you. I really am. I made this list during midterms week & I was half dead.

Well, there you go! :) Be sure to check out my halloween special, where you guys get to share your halloween spirit. Have a lovely October & Halloween everyone!

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This video is of a girl named Elisa Lam, a 21 year old Canadian who mysteriously disappeared in the Cecil Hotel in LA back in February.  This is the last known footage if her, take note of how strange she acts. Some people think she was on drugs and paranoid. Others are thinking that she was being stalked. Some have speculated that this is the work of the paranormal.

Whatever it is, its very disturbing to know where she ended up.

Her body was found naked two weeks later in the hotel water tower on the roof. Hotel guests were drinking and bathing in her rotting corpse for two weeks and nobody can understand how she got there without breaking locks and triggering the alarms to the doors.

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