Sexy Keepers of Death

This is what nightmares are made of

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Over 200 Dead Bodies On Mount Everest

The area above 26,000ft is called “The Death Zone” due to the atmospheric pressure. The air is so thin that recovering the dead bodies is impossible so they are left where they died.

There have been many cases where people had to leave behind some people that were still alive due to low oxygen. Sergei and Francys Arsentiev met that fate. Two climbers heard Francys screaming for help on the side of a steep cliff. She was seperated from her husband. The climbers had to leave her behind or they would have died themselves.

Some were lucky enough to die in their sleep, while others suffered injuries from falls and died slowly from hypothermia.


I want to climb everest

So did they….

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Just the two of us

Photographer Klaus Pichler takes pictures of Australian Cosplayers in their homes against the backdrop of their everyday lives. He says that the unknown identities and mundane activities give this project a very mysterious vibe.

You can view more of his amazing projects HERE

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So me and my family went on vacation to Spain, traveling by car. We had to stop to stay the night somewhere since it was a two day drive. My dad had arranged this little hotel kind of place. It was more like a old building with a lot of rooms and it looked just awful when we went in. We had to take the stairs to our apartement and while entering the appartement it looked really great. It became clear they had just made the apartement for people to stay but the rest of the building was totally shabby.

Anyway, in our apartement there was a door, to a tiny spot where you could sit and smoke a cig. I saw that everything there looked way older than our apartement seemed to be. There were stairs. I was affraid to go up since everything was covered in decades of dust and it must have been at least 50 years old. So, I went up and it seemed to go nowhere. I ended up at some old attic and just when I was turning away I saw it.

There they were, these crazy creepy dolls, covered in dust. It was so unsetteling because the apartement looked so great and this attic was so old and disturbing. I put the pictures up so you can see. Everything just had a creepy feeling about it. I just didn’t understand. Why was this still here? I was filming the way up so I took some screenshots from the video.”

You are braver than I my friend….

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Bats illuminated by lightning (video)

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Mule vs Mountain Lion

A couple from Montana were out riding on the range with their dogs, the man with a rifle and his wife with the camera that took these amazing shots, when a mountain lion decided to stalk the dogs.

The man got off his mule and decided to fire a shot into the air to scare off the mountain lion, but before he could the lion charged towards the dogs hoping for a piece of them. That’s when things got interesting

The mule decided he wanted a piece of the lion and snatched him up by the tail and started whirling him around. Banging its head on the ground on every pass. It basically stomped it to death and bit it a few times to make sure it was really dead.

The mule then walked back to where the stunned couple were standing and stood there ready to continue as if this crazy situation hadn’t just gone down.


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The Diary

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Diego San

This android infant was born to the University of California San Diego’s Machine Perception Lab. Diego is about 4’3 (130cm), much larger than the average one year old child and weighs roughly 65 pounds (30kg).

The lab received funding from the National Science Foundation to contract Kokoro Co. Ltd. and Hanson Robotics, two companies that specialize in building lifelike animatronics and androids, to build a replicant based on a one year old baby.

It gives life-like facial expressions and was developed to approximate the complexity of a human body. It’s the first of its kind, but wont be for very long. Other robot infants are in development along with Roboy, a robot boy that promises to go beyond this.



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I drew this a few years ago for a monster-creating contest on DeviantArt.  I based it around why as a kid I always felt so uncomfortable sleeping with an open closet.  Found on my art blog.

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This is what it looks like when you take apart a Tickle Me Elmo

We thought we could just tickle him and get away with it…

five nights at sesame street

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